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How to choose stainless steel wire stainless steel wire manufacturers for your tips


Trace elements in stainless steel wire are crucial, such as saying: Chromium plays a decisive role in stainless steel wire, each stainless steel wire needs to contain a certain amount of chromium. Up to now, there are no chrome-free stainless steel filaments. Chromium becomes the main element that determines the performance of stainless steel, because after adding more than 12% chromium to steel as an alloying element, the steel surface automatically forms a very thin colorless, transparent and very smooth layer of chromium-rich oxide film (that is, passivation film), the formation of this film greatly relieves the oxidation of steel.
Nickel and chromium play an important role in stainless steel wire, the main role of nickel in stainless steel is that it changes the crystal structure of steel, the main reason for adding nickel in stainless steel is to form austenitic crystal structure, so as to improve and strengthen the passivation mechanism of chromium, its anti-intergranular corrosion ability has been improved, such as processability, Improved mechanical properties such as weldability and toughness.

The price of stainless steel wire of the same material will not be much worse, in addition to the purchase of raw materials will produce a certain price difference, stainless steel wire selection mainly from the material and thickness of the two aspects.

Most of what is used on the market right now316 Stainless Steel WireAnd 304, these two materials of stainless steel wire has good antiseptic properties. Service life of up to 20 years. In comparison, 316 of stainless steel wire oxidation and corrosion is better than 304, the purchase of stainless steel wire when careful treatment of low-priced steel wire. On the market low-priced stainless steel wire is more than 202 stainless steel silk, 302 stainless steel wire or high-precision steel wire, such as the service life of stainless steel wire is not more than 5 years, generally less than 3 years will appear rust corrosion. In some moisture more environment of the use of life will be shorter, a penny of goods, so can not be cheap on the purchase of low-priced steel wire.

Another important factor in the selection of stainless steel wire is the thickness of stainless steel wire. In fact, the thicker the stainless steel wire, the better the heart is wrong, the finer the diameter of the steel wire on the steel wire material and processing technology requirements are higher. Stainless steel wire is widely used, suitable for their own use of stainless steel wire on it, and different materials, different production process of stainless steel wire strength and tensile are not the same.

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