304 stainless steel wire factory still maintains high production enthusiasm


Domestic 304 stainless steel wire mills still maintain high production enthusiasm. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the average daily output of crude steel in China reached 2.223 million tons in August 2014, a slight increase of 0.86% from the previous month. Regardless of the downstream industry, China's steel mills will have higher production enthusiasm than ordinary people, which is not very optimistic for the economic data that is still weakening. In addition, the price adjustment of plate manufacturers has been biased to a strong position. The market price is upside down significantly higher than that of long products. This type of steel mill continues to face a large market pressure, which makes the market of the security market imperative. Therefore, in the case of weak guidance from steel mills, There is still room for decline in spot plate prices; while long products are under the price of steel mills, the decline may gradually narrow, so in the future, the differentiation of steel prices of long plates will also be a process. Steel prices continue to weaken. The main reason is of course because the demand is small, which directly leads to the poor operation of the entire industrial chain. However, as far as the current situation is concerned, there is no influential factor that can increase market demand in the short term; therefore, the continuous weakening of macro data has become the biggest obstacle for the current steel price to stabilize and rebound.

Looking at the steel market, the current low market demand has increased the competitiveness of the market, but the price war that continues to be staged is not significant in the current market. The lesser circulation of 304 stainless steel wire determines the current market will remain. Cold development. On the macro level, the downturn in macro data is still the biggest factor in the current market. It is understood that at the Davos Forum, Premier Li Keqiang mentioned the financing data for August. He said that at the end of August this year, the broad money supply M2 grew at a rate of only 12.8%. This growth rate is even lower than the 13.5% in July and the lowest in five months. Futures spot was weak at the same time, market confidence fell sharply, and the recent mainstream steel mills including Baosteel drastically lowered the ex-factory price of plate in October, further reducing the cost support of steel prices in the spot market. According to this trend, I don’t know if it is "Silver Ten" will also disappear without a trace? However, despite the weak macro data, there are still businesses that do not give up on the market outlook. According to many steel traders responding to the author, they still have hope for this year's silver ten. After all, the real estate industry policy is gradually relaxed, and the property market is still hopeful to revive. What's more, the current steel price has basically bottomed out. If the steel company takes measures to reduce production, overhaul or control the release of production capacity, then it will fundamentally reduce the supply of the market, starting from the overall steel price. To positive support. As a result, the market pressure will ease in the later period...

Can this be like this? The author does not have much hope for this. The economy has stimulated for half a year and has not improved. The demand has not changed. The data has continued to weaken. Under such circumstances, the author really does not know how to have hope for the market outlook. Therefore, Also hope that 304 stainless steel wire merchants are cautious, this year's off-season is not very light, but the peak season is likely to be not prosperous.

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