Hebei galvanized stainless steel wire manufacturing process


Galvanized stainless steel wire (steel wire) is one of the four major varieties of steel plate, tube, type and wire. It is cold drawn by hot rolled wire rod.

Made of reprocessed products. According to the shape of the section, there are mainly round, square, moment, triangle, ellipse, flat, trapezoid, zigzag, etc.; according to the size classification, there are extra fine <0.1 mm,="" thinner="" 0.1~0.5="" mm,="" fine="" 0.5~1.5="" mm,="" medium="" 1.5~3.0mm,="" coarse="" 3.0~6.0mm,="" coarser="" 6.0~8.0mm,="" extra="" coarse="">8.0mm; according to intensity classification, low intensity <390mpa, lower="" intensity="" 390~785mpa,="" normal="" strength="" 785~1225="" megapascal,="" higher="" strength="" 1225~1960="" mpa,="" high="" intensity="" 1960~3135="" mpa,="" extra="" high="" strength="">3135 MPa; sorted according to use: common quality steel wire including welding rod, nail making, net making, packaging and printing Steel wire, cold forging steel wire for cold rivet rivets, screws, etc., electrical steel includes special steel wire for production of overhead communication wires, steel core aluminum strands, etc. Wire for textile industry includes coarse comb, heald 013, card clothing and needle Steel wire, rope wire for the production of wire rope and spokes, spring wire including spring and spring washer, piano and tire, cord and transport tape steel, structural wire refers to watch industry, ball, automatic machine for easy cutting steel wire, stainless steel wire Stainless steel including each of the above uses Surgical implants and wires, the resistance alloy wire for a heater element, a resistor element, tool steel wire comprising a steel wire and footwear.

Hot-dip galvanizing is immersion plating in hot melted zinc bath. The production speed is fast, the coating is thick but uneven, and the market allows a minimum thickness of 45 microns and a maximum of 300 microns or more. The color is darker, consumes more zinc metal, forms an infiltration layer with the base metal, and has good corrosion resistance. The hot-dip galvanizing in the outdoor environment can be maintained for several decades.

Cold galvanizing is the gradual plating of zinc on the surface of the metal in the electroplating tank. The production speed is slow, the coating is uniform, the thickness is thin, usually only 3-15 microns, the appearance is bright, the corrosion resistance is poor, generally several months. It will rust. Relative to hot-dip galvanizing, electro-galvanized production costs are lower.

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